Classroom Rules
1. Textbooks must be covered at all times.
2. Students are not allowed to have food in the classroom without permission.
3. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without permission.  Students with permission to leave must have a signed pass.
4. Students are not to use the computers without my permission.  (See page 50 of the Parent/Student Handbook for Technology Use Guidelines)
5. Students are not allowed to touch the SMART Board or its accessories without permission.
6. Everyone is to remain seated until dismissed.
Homework Procedures
1. Homework must have proper heading in order to receive full credit:
        Name (First and Last)                     Date
        Class                                             Assignment (page #, Questions)
2. Homework should be as neat and legible as student’s capabilities. This should include papers that are not torn, crinkled, etc.
3. Students are responsible for following teacher guidelines for project and other homework criteria.
4. Homework assignments will be deemed late if they are not turned in at the time of collection by the teacher. 
        Late assignments will not be given a grade higher than 75% and must be turned in before the end of the chapter/unit in order to receive credit. 
5. Students are responsible for seeing teachers BEFORE going to music lessons and/or attending field trips to turn in homework assignments and receive work that will be missed.
6. Students are responsible for making up homework assignments due to absences.
7. Students are responsible for making up tests missed due to absence within a week of their return, or receive no credit.
Classroom Behavior Expectations
1. Students need to be in their seat and prepared for class before the 2nd bell. 
2. Cell phones should be silenced/turned off and put away before class begins.
3. Students are responsible for having a writing utensil, agenda, textbook, homework, and any other required materials for class before the 2nd bell. 
4. Students are expected to follow classroom rules that are outlined by the teacher, which include:
        a. Follow directions
        b. Be prepared and on time
        c. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
        d. Show respect to everyone and everything at all times
5. Students are expected not to interrupt the learning of others due to their behavior or lack of preparedness for class. Disciplinary consequences will be enforced. 
6. Play Safe, Play Fair, Play Hard.