9 - 11 English Courses Overview

Lawson 2015 - 2016

English, Grades 9 – 11, recognizes the impact of English Language Arts in becoming an informed and productive member of society.  In alignment with the NYS English Language Arts Common Core Standards, the English courses are designed to produce effective speakers, discerning listeners, perceptive readers and clear, persuasive writers.  By the successful completion of junior year, students will have read a number of American and world authors, discussed many ethical and social issues, and expressed views in various oral and written forms.


I pledge to create a challenging and supportive academic community in which each member strives to develop to his or her potential, to become a life-long learner, and to act as a responsible citizen in a diverse and global society.


  • Student and teacher are fully invested

  • Reading works of literature (in class and as homework) – analyzing the text and author’s craft; plus be able to support analysis

  • 21st Century Skills – collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving

  • Produce clear and coherent writing – be able to write arguments to support claims and text-based analysis

  • Use of technology

  • Public speaking skills to convey information

  • Listening to text/discussion/arguments and responding thoughtfully to diverse perspectives

  • Demonstration of a command of conventions for standard English grammar and usage

  • Research – integrating multiple sources to justify views

  • Vocabulary – definitions (multiple meanings), use vocabulary in context

  • DASA – Dignity for All Students Act integration


    Class Protocols

  • Play SAFE, FAIR, and HARD

  • Fire drills (quick exit route) – listen to announcements and teacher/staff, close windows, exit orderly and quietly out the door to the right and head out the door next to Mrs. Cashman’s office.  As a group, stand quietly on the bank listening for further directions.

  • All other emergency drills (lockdowns, evacuations) – listen to announcements and teacher/staff

  • The care of assigned textbooks and other literary works are the student’s responsibility – name clearly written in current texts, cleaned out (not used as a folder), and covered (textbooks)

  • Homework – often, there will be nightly READING; other homework, writing assignments and continuous nightly review/study for quizzes and tests

  • There will be a weekly lesson outline handed out at the beginning of each week; the weekly lesson outline can also be obtained by going to the school’s website and looking up information under English Department/Ms. Lawson (www.gilboa-conesville.k12.ny.us); and, on the chalkboard, there will be written a very brief weekly lesson outline

  • If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check the “absent/extras” bulletin board by the exit door

  • Assignments are expected to be completed on time

  • No extra credit will be assigned

  • These courses contain a pre-assessment (graded but not averaged in) and post-assessment (final exam grade); interim assessments and midterms will be given only if mandated by curriculum coordinator (graded and averaged in)

  • Vocabulary, literature, grammar, writing, public speaking challenges, but not limited to – will be graded

  • Prepared for class – HW completed, current literary text, notebook, and PEN – expected daily

  • Passes are given at the discretion of the teacher/staff – request, fill out pass, get pass signed, sign out, and sign back in

  • Teacher contact – yes, please ask questions – both student and parent - email address: plawson@gccs.us      school phone:  607 588-7909    meeting/visitation  7:30 – 8:00 am and 2:10 – 3:00 pm

  • Literary Works, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and Regents review will be taught throughout the year

  • JUNIORS ONLY – ELA Common Core Regents in June (final exam grade).  SAT vocabulary review will begin second semester.