Living Environment Regents Connections

Below please find a table consisting of past regents exams given by the State of New York for the Living Environment.  I hope that you use it often and that you find it invaluable to your study of the Living Environment! 

Please note that the "Link to Exam" and the "Link to Answer Key" links will take you away from the Gilboa-Conesville Central School webpage.

Please understand that all of the work on this page has been created by the Education Department of New York State and can also be accessed through the following link:

Link to Regents

Link to Answer Key

August 2010 Exam

August 2010 Answer Key

June 2010 Exam

June 2010 Answer Key

January 2010 Exam

August 2009 Exam

August 2009 Answer Key

June 2009 Exam

June 2009 Answer Key

January 2009 Answer Key

August 2008 Exam

August 2008 Answer Key

 June 2008 Exam

June 2008 Answer Key