Classroom Rules

Ms. McDonald

Materials Needed Each Day:

a. Binder

q. Science folder

q. Pens & pencils

q. Agenda

b. Textbook

c. Homework

d. Book Cover (large)


1.Be Respectful

  • To each other
  • To the teachers
  • To the classroom
  • To yourself.

a. Put downs, profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, or name-calling will not be tolerated.

b. Physical or verbal fighting will lead to an automatic referral to the office

c. Cheating results in an automatic zero for all parties involved. 

d. Treat your books and all other property with respect.

e. Be respectful of property belonging to other people. 

  • No student should be in the teacher’s desk, in the science supply closet or on my computer at anytime unless I have given specific permission. 

f. Harassment is a serious offense that will lead to outside intervention, including your parents and the administration.

2.Be Here On Time & Ready to Learn:  Come to class on time, with all the needed materials: a writing utensil, your binder, your homework and your book.

Tardiness Policy and Consequences:

a. You are considered TARDY if you arrive after the 2nd bell and do not have a pass.

b. 3 Tardies= 1 lunch detention and counts as an absence.

c. 15 minutes late or more counts as an absence.

Homework Policy and consequences:

a. A homework assignment is considered late if it is not handed in when the homework is collected.

b. Lunch detention will be assigned to complete the missing assignment.

c. The highest possible grade for a late assignment is a 75%.

d. Homework not turned in by the end of the day it is due will receive a ZERO.

e. All written responses must restate the question in the answer.


a. When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notes and work missed.

b. If you miss a test, you have one week from the original date to complete it.

c. If a you will be missing a class for a music lesson or a field trip, you must see me BEFORE missing the class.

d. Homework and daily lesson plans are ALWAYS available at

  • Click student view
  • Then enter my email
  • Then enter the student key of 2015

Furthermore, homework is ALWAYS written on the right side of the white board in the front of the class, AND students are ALWAYS prompted to write ALL assignments for the week in their agendas each Monday morning. 

3. Always Try Your Best

    1. Participate in class discussions, lab activities and group projects.
    2. Complete homework and class-work assignments neatly and completely
    3. Take pride in your work and do it to the best of your ability.

4. Ask For Help When You Need It

    1. Ask for help during homeroom if you had trouble with an assignment.
    2. Teachers are available to assist you whenever needed.
    3. Come see me during study halls or lunch.
    4. I want you to SUCCEED.  ASK for HELP!

Discipline Procedures:

These procedures will be enforced fairly and consistently to all students in order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone.  These apply to all of the non-negotiable rules as well as the school policies listed in the handbook. 

First offense—Warning (verbal or written)

Second offense—Written referral to the office

Third offense—Detention (can be lunch or after school)

Fourth offense—Sent to office immediately

Severe clause—If a student or students are an immediate threat, danger, or causes a serious offense, the student will skip the discipline procedures and go directly to the office.

Grading Procedures

A student’s grade will be determined using a percentage.  The higher the percentage an assignment is worth the more time should be spent on that assignment.

The following will make up each quarterly grade:

a. Tests/Projects = 50%

b. Homework = 25%

c. Class-work/Quizzes = 15%

d. Participation = 10%